Pre-test Solved (oshien)

Q1 – What are the differences between SRE and DevOps?
A – SRE and devops have similar work profile. Devops are more on developing new tech/systems whereas SRE are more concentrated on the system availability.

Q2 – What SRE team is responsible for?
A – Making sure the end user is not affected with any of the service not available.

Q3 – What is an error budget?
A – Note sure, may be its how much a service downtime can be allowed.

Q4 – What are MTTF (mean time to failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair)? What these metrics help us to evaluate?
A – MTTF – How long it took for system(process) to fail
MTTR – How long it took for system(process) to repair
long running process, CPU usage.

Q5 – What is the role of monitoring in SRE?
A – Very important role as SRE need to be alerted for any issues in the running infra before any one else. SO monitoring has to be very accurate to catch any such situation.

Q6 – How do you differentiate between process and thread?
A – Process is combination of many threads. One thread is one task that is to be performed, combined forms a process.

Q7 – What activity means Reducing Toil?
A – It means to make sure the fault notifications should report to the correct team instead of any other team which then assign it to correct team.

Q8 – Have you ever heard of SLO? If yes then explain.
A – service level objectives, it is basically particular application agreement for its uptime/response time.

Q9 – Enlist all the Linux signals you are aware of
A – SIGKILL – kill signal
SIGTERM – Termination signal

Q10 – What is obserbability
A – It means to understand the working of a system from the output that is generated through monitoring or any other medium.

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