Perforce Releases Third Book on Evolving DevOps & Testing With Smart Technology


MINNEAPOLIS: Perforce Software, a provider of DevOps solutions for enterprise teams, announced the release of the book, Accelerating Software Quality: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Age of DevOps. The announcement was a part of DevOps Next, Perforce’s virtual conference on AI and ML in DevOps.

Spearheaded by Perforce and written by Perfecto Chief Evangelist, Product Manager, and best-selling author Eran Kinsbruner, Accelerating Software Quality covers the basics of AI and ML in software development and testing, and provides practical tips in applying commercial and open source AI/ML tools. In addition to Kinsbruner’s insights and observations, over 20 DevOps industry leaders contributed to how AI and ML will affect existing apps, processes, and tools.

Other topics addressed in the book include chatbot testing, visual-based testing using AI, automated security scanning for vulnerabilities, automated code reviews, API testing and management using AI/ML, reducing effort and time through test impact analysis (TIA), robotic process automation (RPA), AIOps for smarter code deployments and the prevention of production defects, and more.

My latest book provides a complete overview of the use cases for AI and ML in software development and testing, along with practical tools and examples for managers and practitioners looking to enhance their overall productivity, automation, and efficiency. My hope is that readers will be better positioned to make decisions as they adopt AI/ML technologies on their DevOps journey, says Kinsbruner.

Following the release of Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals A Practical Guide From Industry Experts and The Digital Quality Handbook Guide for Achieving Continuous Quality in a DevOps Reality, Accelerating Software Quality is the third book by Kinsbruner. Together, this set forms a substantial collection of best practices and recommendations for testing, DevOps productivity, and adopting evolving technologies.


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