Open Source DevOps Platform by Infosys on GitHub


The IT service provider Infosys has provided an open source DevOps platform, which is also available from GitHub in a community edition. The integrated solution should help companies to implement agile and DevOps-oriented processes.

With more than 2,000 predefined scripts and more than 150 DevOps pipelines, the Infosys DevOps platform was fed from scratch. The solution is designed to bring continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery on the way, significantly reducing the time to application startup.

The application provision should run as tool-independent as possible. For this, Infosys has equipped the preconfigured pipelines with over 25 technologies and over 70 tools. These should cover all important application features: from individual and standard software to big data applications and mobile apps to legacy and cloud applications.

Automation covers the entire lifecycle of software artifacts, from development through to production. A real-time insight into the currently running process steps and the code promises Infosys also. Accordingly, all stakeholders can inform themselves about the progress at any time and, on the other hand, obtain feedback from the users.

For secure and secure development processes, the Infosys platform provides role-based DevOps workflows and encrypted jobs. At the same time, integrated security mechanisms should help to identify weak points early in the development lifecycle. Thus, the platform should ensure compliance and data protection.
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