Nexcess Partners With Branch To Expand Automated Workflows For Managed WordPress Customers


Nexcess, the truly managed commerce and content platform, has announced a partnership with Branch, a continuous integration tool for WordPress developers.

WordPress developers are increasingly gravitating to Git-based workflows that allow them to work in isolated environments called branches to ensure that the code in the central repository—the master branch—remains high quality and error-free.

“We chose Branch as a best-in-class deployment tool for automating workflows without heavy lifting.” -Chris Lema

Branch offers a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) setup that runs every time a developer pushes a Managed WordPress site, theme or plugin to their Git repository. The cloud-based solution automates the entire workflow, from the build and tests, all the way through getting code from the repository to the server.

At Nexcess, supporting our [Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce hosting] customers means giving them the most modern and scalable solutions to power their digital sites and eCommerce stores. We chose Branch as a best-in-class deployment tool for automating workflows without heavy lifting, so developers can work smarter and faster,” said Chris Lema, Vice President of Products, at Nexcess.

Under the partnership, Branch will integrate with Nexcess customers’ existing Git providers like GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. Developers can connect their Branch account to Nexcess and select one of Branch’s easy-to-use built-in deployment recipes or define their own custom steps. For example, one ready-made recipe is building front-end assets with NPM, Gulp or Grunt.

Being agile is about finding out what works, and what doesn’t, as quickly as possible. Branch makes building and testing fast and easy for Managed WordPress developers, and we’re proud to bring our innovative workflow solution to Nexcess to both support and inspire their Managed WordPress customers in their commerce endeavor,” says Peter Suhm, founder of Branch.

“We chose Nexcess for its full-stack support and suite of services for driving our Managed WordPress and WooCommerce projects forward. With the addition of Branch’s deployment recipes, we are excited to develop faster and better than ever before,” said Steve Zehngut, founder of Zeek Interactive.


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