New AWS Chatbot to notify DevOps teams in Slack and Chime chat rooms


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled a new interactive agent that will make it easier for DevOps teams to interact with their resources from the team chat room.

Called AWS Chatbot, the new service will allow DevOps teams to receive alerts and execute commands in Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms.

The chat rooms are the communication hubs for interaction between team members and systems. Sometimes, the teams want operational events and notifications to come through chat rooms, so that everyone in the team can see those notifications and discuss the things.

AWS Chatbot will facilitate that. After getting alerts, the teams will be able to execute commands to return diagnostic information. This will make collaboration more effective and help in responding to events faster.

“AWS Chatbot expands the communication tools that your team already uses every day to coordinate and bond,” wrote Ilya Bezdelev, Product Manager, AWS Chatbot, in a blog post.

The new service is currently in beta. It supports a number of AWS services for receiving notifications. These services include Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Health, AWS Budgets, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS CloudFormation.

The integration of the new chatbot will be completely managed by AWS. It will take only a few minutes for DevOps teams to configure it. The users will need to have an AWS account, and Slack channel or Amazon Chime webhook for configuration.

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