Microsoft Azure now lets you set up your own private servers


Microsoft has announced the preview launch of a new cloud service called that will allow customers to run their virtual machines on single-tenant physical services.

The company says that Azure Dedicated Host could be quite useful for businesses running loads of virtual machines that don’t want to share resources on their server with anyone else while also gaining full control over everything running on the machine

Azure already offers isolated virtual machines sizes for two very large virtual machine types. These are still available but don’t offer anywhere near the flexibility that Microsoft’s new hosts will.

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Microsoft’s biggest cloud computing competitors, AWS and Google Cloud already offer similar products in the form of Dedicated Hosts for AWS and “sole-tenant nodes” on Google Cloud.

Azure Dedicated Host

When it officially launches, Azure Dedicated Host will support virtual machines running Windows, Linux and SQL Server with pricing on a per host basis. That is independent of the number of virtual machines customers run on them. Users can currently choose machines with up to 48 physical cores that will cost $4.039 per hour to run.

Microsoft is offering two different processors to power its private servers. Type 1 is based on the 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2673 v4 with a clock speed of up to 3.5 gigahertz while Type 2 features the Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 with single-core clock speeds of up to 3.7 gigahertz. Both types have an available memory range from 144GiB to 448GiB.

According to Microsoft, these new dedicated hosts will help businesses reach their compliance requirements for physical security, data integrity and monitoring.

Customers will even be able to group these dedicated hosts into larger hosts groups in a given Azure region. This means that users will be able to build clusters of their own physical servers inside the Azure data center.

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Via TechCrunch

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