Microsoft Azure has AWS hearing footsteps. It’s time you listened too.

Get familiar with the fastest-growing cloud services platform around with this intensive Microsoft Azure 203 certification training for just $29.99.

It’s strange to ever think of Microsoft as a little guy underdog in any arena, but as far as cloud computing goes, they’re still just one of the chasers trailing the monolithic market share grip of Amazon Web Services (AWS). But with Microsoft’s Azure not-so-quietly creeping from 14 percent of the cloud market in 2018 to almost 18 percent last year, AWS just announced they’re doubling the size of their sales force in 2020 to combat the growing threat.

Nothing better than giving your much more powerful foe some nightmares of their own, right?

With Azure’s reach growing every day, savvy IT pros are expanding beyond AWS to get familiar with what Azure can do with coursework like The Microsoft Azure 203 Certification Training Course. The instruction is now $29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals.

For anyone looking to understand the Azure environment or even build a career as a certified Azure expert, passing and earning accreditation with Microsoft’s own AZ-203 Azure training exam is an absolute must. This course includes 20 hours of in-depth training in everything a new Azure developer, tech, admin or others need to get comfortable with this powerful new presence.

The training leads students through 46 video-intensive lectures covering everything about working with Azure. After some basic introductions to the platform, its interface and more, lessons hone in on how users can get the most out of Azure’s constantly expanding roster of features.

Students will develop skills for using Azure’s data storage capabilities, implementing security, monitoring workflow, troubleshooting potential problems, optimizing solutions and establishing links for using Azure in conjunction with a host of other third party services.

Armed with all that knowledge, you’ll be prepared to show your stuff working with all phases of Azure to design and build brilliant cloud-based apps and other services. When you take and pass the AZ-2013 Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate exam, you’ll have an eye-catching new skillset to broaden your job prospects or command a higher salary in the much in-demand cloud IT field.

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