Mattermost looks to boost DevOps collaboration with cloud platform


Mattermost Inc., provider of an open-source collaboration platform, today announced the launch of Mattermost Cloud, a new software-as-a-service collaboration system designed for DevOps teams and privacy-conscious enterprises.

Using Mattermost Cloud, DevOps teams and developers will be able to orchestrate cross-team workflows with pre-built playbooks and integrations with top-tier developer tools.

The service also offers privacy-conscious enterprises deployment options for private cloud infrastructures on secure topologies using enterprise-grade and strict data residency capabilities.

According to the company, developers and DevOps teams have unique real-time collaboration needs that may not be met by current collaboration platforms. The orchestration of time-sensitive developer workflows for DevOps may not always be best served by support-styled platforms such as Jira, PagerDuty, ZenDesk, Office 365 and others.

DevOps and developers need to collaborate on code, do code reviews, commit to standups without having to switch back and forth across between multiple applications, a process known as context switching. Developers also want to automate bidirectional flow of information between their messaging platform and development tools of choice (such as GitLab, Jira) depending on who is using what.

“With Mattermost Cloud, we now offer our trusted Mattermost self-managed collaboration platform as a SaaS offering that meets the requirements of privacy-conscious enterprises,” said Chandar Venkataraman, chief product officer at Mattermost.

“High-performance development teams have put Mattermost at the heart of their daily operations to increase their efficiency,” Venkataraman added. “As a DevOps command center, Mattermost brings development teams, developer tools, and automation together to orchestrate workflows at every stage of the DevOps lifecycle.”

Mattermost Cloud acts as the backbone of the DevOps team by becoming the command center and a single pane of glass to orchestrate cross-team developer workflows with high-visibility into developer activity. It will help developers centralize all of their activities with incident management, developer tool plugins and a custom playbook.

With incident management, users can declare incidents, be guided to complete tasks organized in stages, track incident progress and resolve incidents. Mattermost thus enables DevOps teams to collaborate throughout the incident lifecycle from triage and investigation, finally resolution and autopsy — involving the entire team and enabling whatever depth is needed for users to understand their roles to get the job done.

With plugins, users can receive a wide array of specialized integrations with common developer tools used to develop, monitor and maintain software, including Jira, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, GitLab, GitHub and Jenkins. They’re often used by other segments of enterprise organizations to connect to DevOps teams in order to operate smoothly.

Finally, with custom playbooks, developers can create workflows comprised of tasks that use automated commands to integrate with any developer tools and applications. These custom playbooks then act as templates that outline procedures and guide the team through any type of events, such as building a specific type of application, a specific prototype for a user interface element, an application programming interface design or any other developer need that might arise in the role of DevOps.

“As a cybersecurity solutions provider, our ability to effectively respond and manage incidents is critical to earning and keeping our customers’ trust,” said William Forrester, development and security operations manager at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. “Mattermost plays an integral part in our developer toolset. Not only does it enable great communication and teamwork, its many integration options and the new Incident Management capability have also allowed us to greatly increase our productivity and organization.”

Mattermost Cloud is currently available in two editions: Mattermost Cloud Professional and Mattermost Cloud Enterprise. The Professional edition includes the full set of collaboration and DevOps features and is generally available today. The Enterprise edition offers all of the features of the former with a high-trust deployment option, including single-tenant cloud infrastructure, enterprise-grade secure network topology and strict data residency options available in beta.


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