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Every other day businesses are developing and innovating fast to bring convenience to their consumers. With each passing day, it’s all about the speed with which the product is made, albeit with perfection.

When it comes to software products, the need is even higher. With agile software development, arose the need for DevOps. DevOps brings together software development and software operation for faster processes; it prioritises the organizational changes required for the same.

In a first-of-its-kind summit, DevOps India Summit 2018 is here to turn the spotlight on DevOps and ensure that businesses understand the how to’s and the why to’s for leveraging it for growth. The event is organised by Xellentro in partnership with DevOps.com, Crevise Technology and ConfinityConsulting, PEOPLECERT and Gitlab, aims to bring together industry stalwarts on DevOps from across the world on a single platform for the first time in India. The Global conference will be organised in Bangalore on 31st August and 1st September 2018.

Bringing Together the Best Under One Roof

The idea behind the summit is to bring the much required spotlight on DevOps. The conference will address unique opportunities and challenges of DevOps through a world class summit bringing together industry leaders who will share their unique perspectives, concepts, experience.

From keynote speeches from eminent speakers to panel discussions, lightning talks and table talk sessions, the event will not just impart knowledge on DevOps but also create opportunities for the same to grow in India. This will be the chance to interact and network with DevOps experts from across the world.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Niladri Choudhuri, Founder and CEO of Xellentro who ideated the summit said, “We would like the Indian DevOps Community to get the opportunity to hear the best and to meet them in person for the first time and learn from their experience. Global experts and thought leaders will share their latest research, practices, and strategies concerning DevOps and software which will benefit the IT industry in India.”

Why DevOps

Companies that have leveraged DevOps have managed to absorb automation easily for better results. So, as a growing business or an established company, DevOps can’t be ignored. Mukta Aphale,  Founder & CEO, Crevise Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “I have attended and spoken at several Devops events across the globe. I think I can proudly state that the DevOps India Summit 2018 will be the largest conf in India and one of the most happening conferences globally! We are hoping that at this conf everyone would be able to walk away by not just growing their knowledge/awareness about Devops but also be able to build a strong community and network of Devops practitioners and thought leaders.”

At the conference, DevOps service and tool providers will be exhibiting capabilities that accelerate implementations of continuous delivery pipelines. Sharing his views on partnering with Devops summit, Marc Hornbeek, Author of Continuous Delivery Architect and DevOps Test Engineering said, “Xellentro and Confinity Consulting believe that DevOps together with continuous delivery and “Site Reliability Engineering” provide excellent foundation practices for successful software across all modern enterprises.“

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