Learn all about DevOps and ace the certification exams too


While it probably feels like you only started hearing the term DevOps in the past decade, it may already be time to start considering the next iteration of this trendy job title. With the complexity of IT automation increasing almost daily, some experts think DevOps could start shifting focus in the not too distant future, instead of centering their work on prioritizing which IT policies and procedures need to be automated.

Any way you slice it, DevOps and those responsible for shepherding products from concept to finished work are and will remain a vital cog in the development pipeline for the foreseeable future. And with the training in The Complete DevOps Certifications Courses and Practice Tests Bundle ($39.99, 87 percent off from TNW Deals), you can get the training and test-taking experience to be a fully-certified DevOps pro.

This package includes 12 courses stuffed with almost 60 hours of video instruction and a whopping 300 practice tests, each aimed at getting you ready to sit for and pass key DevOps certification exams to prove your mastery in this competitive field.

The training starts with an exploration of the most critical DevOps tools, such as using Git and GitHub to track changes in code and head off problems that are bound to happen when several programmers have their fingers in the mix.

As previously alluded, automation is also a huge piece of the DevOps trade, which is why coursework exploring automation tools like Jenkins, Ansible and Puppet is also so critical to shaving hours, days, and weeks of the development process.

Along with automation, the process of containerization, which allows developers to try out apps in a safe space in a program without impacting everything around it, is also vital. That’s why nearly half of the 12-course collection drills deep into how containerization works. With courses covering Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift, you’ll see how these three independent, yet intrinsically linked platforms can make the final product a stronger, faster and smarter piece of software.

The training closes with an exploration of Dialogflow and its role in the development of chatbots, natural language, machine learning and other DevOps-related work.

And all of these courses are accompanied by dozens and dozens and dozens of practice questions and full tests, helping users get ready to pass all the necessary DevOps certification tests.


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