Jenkins Notes 29 Oct 2023

What is Jenkins?
	CI tool
	Open Source & Free
	Written in JAVA
		Community =========================== Free
		Jenkins Enterprise - CloudBees  - Paid
		BlueOcean - Free
		JenkinsX - Free
	Plugins - powered

What is CI?
Auto Build + Auto  Testing 
	Imm Feedback					QA
		Dev			==================================
Code -> Scan -> Build -> UT -> Pack -> Archive -> Dep2Qa -> AT -> CC
Git     Sonar    maven   junit packer  artifactory ansible  selenium jacoco

									ALL Passed - Release
									One failed - Repeat

How to install Jenkins?

Jenkins Architecture
How Jenkins works? Jenkins Architecture Explained!!!
Jenkins Formula
Jenkins Tutorials: Preparation of Jenkins Job Setup Checklist
Question#1 – What is your programming Language - java Question#2 – Where is the source code for project? Question#3 – How Frequently you want this JOB to be triggered? @daily Question#4 – What is your Builders? maven compile test package Question# 5 – Whom you want to deliver Feedback of Job ============================================================================ Jenkins feature Integration Scheduling Feedback How to Add more nodes to jenkins Integration =========================================== KNow all the involved tools and their Install plugins Config plugins Server scanner Do integ in jobs Method 1 – AT CERTAIN TIME AKA Build periodically Method 2 – AT CERTAIN TIME BUT Build only when there is Code changes AKA Poll SCM Method 3 – Trigger using command line or script AKA Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts) Method 4 – Trigger this job if other job is triggerred AKA Build after other projects are built Method 5 – Trigger a job when there is PUSH into Github AKA GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling Method 6 – Trigger a job when there is PUSH into Bitbucket AKA GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling Method 7 – Trigger another job after this Job AKA Post Build Action => Build Other project Method 8 – Trigger a Jenkins jobs using Jenkins command line jar file curl -X POST --user rajesh:110be10b302cb14cc533bb9fdb9bc8ac63 Feedback Email Chat Slack team Pipeline Coding for CI
Jenkins Pipeline Complete Reference Tutorials
Scripting syn Deca*
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