Insights on Windows Azure : Advantages and Disadvantages

Microsoft Azure continues to gain a massive following in the cloud-based infrastructure, as the world moves towards sustainable data storage facilities. It provides small and medium businesses with the required set of cloud services, giving the companies the freedom to deploy apps on a global network while sticking to their tools and framework. If you are wondering why you should choose the Windows Azure, we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages for your consideration.

Advantages of Windows Azure
High availability
Easy and high availability of server systems is possible through Azure. You get an uptime guarantee of 99.95% by the legal agreement of Azure. This means that in real-time hours, you can get approximately 4.5 hours of downtime throughout the year. Similar services give a maximum of 98% availability in a similar price range as Azure.


As you have invested in a cloud service provider, you do not have to invest in other IT infrastructure. This means you have the capital to purchase whatever you want, whenever you want at a global scale. The cloud environment also makes it easier for you to launch internal apps and software without investing in external hardware. This also brings down the maintenance cost, thus giving you a complete cost-effective solution.

Strong security profile

The DADSC approach to security is a highly effective one, used by Azure. DADSC stands for detect, assess, diagnose, stabilize, and close. Pairing this profile with cybersecurity controls, you can turn multiple compliance certificates into your assets. The risk of data loss is also minimal on Azure. Simultaneously, multi-factor verification and authorization add another layer of security to prevent any kind of data theft.


When you are in an online business, there will be days when you use maximum data, while on some days, you will use only a minimal amount. With Azure, there is no compulsion to purchase high data packets even if you cannot make complete use of it. You can click on upgrades whenever you need them and remove them once your high data requirement is over. This structure of scalability makes it easier for you to pay.

Access to multiple global data centers

There is a wide range of global data centers connected with Microsoft Azure, which further help you in accessing your data. Therefore, Azure can promise you continuous data availability even at high demands, better than its competitors. Even if they have to take down one data center, the others can share the load and keep your business running. You can store your data to any data center and keep your business operations smooth.

Liberty to use any framework, language, or tool

The entire concept of using Microsoft Azure is to turn your ideas into solutions quickly. With a good base of coding, you can easily get started with creating applications and data sharing. Azure supports multiple languages and frameworks for the easy access of people from all technical backgrounds, including Node.js, Java, and .NET. You also get access to Visual Studio. All these integrations can help you stay focused on coding, rather than learning new ways of management.

Access to app connectors

Microsoft is the hub of applications and products, so with Azure, you get an easy entry into the Microsoft ecosystem of over 150+ connectors. Office 365 is probably the best connector that allows you to integrate admin tasks and to code into one single platform. You also get plenty of Google services and connectivity with Dropbox, Twitter, Salesforce, and the likes.

Automate your repetitive tasks

Including the most preferred tools like BASH, REST APIs, and PowerShell, Azure gives you the accessibility to manage large and complex applications. This also means that you can simply automate all your repetitive tasks and save a lot of time. This will also speed up the delivery, without compromising the quality. Azure also provides built-in support for site recovery, backup, patching, analytics, and monitoring.

Hybrid infrastructure

As the security system is very tight in Azure, the built-in management solution is also enhanced. This allows you to build an effective hybrid infrastructure. You can detect the threats in the cloud immediately as they try to breach. This way no matter how expanded your data bank is, you can have backup and recovery tools in action to deal with any kind of data loss. You can also choose the migration path that is best for your business. Unlike other providers, Azure does not force you to subscribe to all services, rather as and when you need them.

Access AI services

Artificial Intelligence has now been incorporated in all sets of digital innovations of the 21st century. There are many AI-powered experiences in Azure, made easily accessible through the available tools. You can also design your own bots and assign them customized functions, like interacting with the customers, improving the service quality, and making enhanced predictions. With the AI incorporation, you will be able to achieve more and produce better results for customer satisfaction.

Disadvantages of Windows Azure
Requires management
Azure needs specific management with tools like patching and server monitoring. It differs from the SaaS platforms as they depend on the end-user to consume information. You will also need human resources to physically monitor the cloud-based data center and make sure that all things are smooth in action.

Requires platform expertise
Unlike local servers, Microsoft Azure needs the expertise to operate it so that all the required parts are functional. The over-provision of cloud services is one common mistake made by business administrators. A simple mistake is not even easy to identify in the cloud, thus costing thousands of dollars per year to the business.

Starting up a cloud account is fairly an easy task these days, keeping the ease of access in mind. However, in the case of Microsoft Azure, 54 regions are serving 140 different countries of the world. If you live in a country far from the data center region, you will notice a lag in speed, which can be bothersome for some companies.

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