Indeni Uses Ansible Community Capabilities to Deliver Security Infrastructure Automation

Announcing Globally Sourced Auto-Remediation for Leading Security Vendors


Indeni, the leader in Security Infrastructure Automation, today announced that it is using Ansible to further enable customers to reduce risk and improve agility of security infrastructure operations. Indeni has embedded Ansible community capabilities into the Indeni Platform to enhance its market pioneering Auto Detection capabilities by supporting Auto Triage use cases. Indeni has over 500 Automation Elements for leading security vendors such as Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet, F5 Networks and more. Indeni Platform utilizing Ansible is expected to help improve reliability and consistency of critical security device settings, giving companies the confidence to accelerate mission-critical projects that drive new business by adding automation for monitoring and maintenance to their existing infrastructure.

As IT infrastructures grow in complexity, the need for automation becomes more pressing. Security professionals are under pressure to increase their understanding of best practices at the rate in which today’s digital businesses change, but often lack the time to apply that knowledge to all of the devices in their modern multi-vendor networks. Organizations across industries are looking for ways to increase visibility into current and possible issues with security devices, and are turning to automation for continuous validation to determine if their infrastructure is functioning as intended. The gap for many organizations is knowing what tasks are good candidates to automate and determining which operational issues are most likely to cause interruptions. With the Indeni Platform utilizing the Ansible project, once a valid issue is found organizations can benefit from auto-triage and remediation of issues, taking tedious but important maintenance tasks off their plate.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline IT operations. Help enableSecurity Operations (SecOps) to deliver more optimized services at the quality business needs and desires.
  • Take tasks off your plate. Automate data collection and enrichment during incidents, saving engineering time that is now freed up for more strategic tasks.
  • Work more effectively. Indeni Auto Triage Elements, utilizing Ansible, surface useful and actionable information that immediately facilitates troubleshooting and resolution steps.

Key Features

  • Detect: Use native device protocols for high confidence of early detection of potential issues.
  • Triage: Speed time to resolution with automatically triggered diagnostic tests for comprehensive situational awareness.
  • Remediate: Rapid recovery through application of best practice techniques most appropriate for each issue.

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Supporting Quotes

“The role of Security Operations and Network Operations now includes the care and feeding of critical security devices,” said Michel Maeso, Chief Revenue Office at Indeni. “Without the expertise in house to detect, triage and resolve performance and configuration issues quickly, companies not only risk having an outage, but risk losing millions of dollars in missed revenue opportunities and repairing a damaged brand.”

“The Indeni Platform utilizing Ansible brings together the best in IT Automation and Security Infrastructure Automation,” said Yoni Leitersdorf CEO of Indeni. “Together, we can help reduce the risk and chaos inherent in today’s complex security infrastructure, taking error prone and time consuming tasks off our customers’ plate.”

“Indeni complements existing Ansible deployments by helping to ensure best practices are followed, device configurations are up-to-date, and device performance is within guidelines even as a customer environment changes,” said Ulrica de-Fort Menares, VP of Products and Strategy at Indeni. “By using Indeni with Ansible inside, customers gain the speed and automation of DevOps, with workflows that simplify security infrastructure operations.”

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