Implementing struct using a PHP array

As we already recognise, a struct is a complicated statistics type in which we define more than one houses as a set in order that we are able to use it as a unmarried records kind. we are able to write a struct the use of a personal home page array and class. right here is an example of a struct the usage of a php array:

$player = [ 
    "name" => "Ronaldo", 
    "country" => "Portugal", 
    "age" => 31, 
    "currentTeam" => "Real Madrid" 

it’s far actually an associative array with keys as string. A complex struct may be built using single or greater constructs as its residences. for example using the player struct, we are able to use a team struct:

$ronaldo = [ 
    "name" => "Ronaldo", 
    "country" => "Portugal", 
    "age" => 31, 
    "currentTeam" => "Real Madrid&quot...

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