How to upload the Flutter app to the play store

Generate an APK or App Bundle for your app: You can generate an APK or App Bundle using the following command in the terminal:

step 1: Run in terminal

flutter pub get 

step 2: Run in terminal

flutter clean 

step 3: run this command

flutter build apk --target-platform android-arm,android-arm64 --split-per-abi

step 4:

Open your project in Android Studio. and wait for a while it will reload and you can see the top right corner

again wait some time it will be reloaded

step 5:

After that go to the build section on the navbar and select generate signed bundle/apk

step 6:

step 7:

If you created already the you have choose existing

step 8

Choose your path where you want to store the key and set password

app-release.aab file created in this path C:\motoshare\android\app\release

step 9:

drag “app-release.aab” upload in play console

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