How to Setup Linux Lab environment using VirtualBox, WSL & Vagrant




Linux Commands

How to Setup a Lab in our Laptop
- Laptop - FREE
- Cloud - PAID = AWS
Using Vm machine
What is Virtual Machine?
List of Hyperviosor
	- VirtualBox

How to download and install VirtualBox?
	- Download - exe
	- Install
How To Create Linux Virtual Machine Using VirtualBox
How to create a VMs? - Linux (Kernal) Ubuntu 20.X == Debian Family Desktop - GUI Server - NO UI Centos 8 == RHEL Family - Windows 16 19 Step 1 - Downlod a OS image (ISO) - - - Step 2 - Create a VMS Step 3 - Attach an ISO image to VM and Start Assigment#1 ======================= Hard disk File: VDI Vs VHD Vs VMDK =========================== RESULT - you would get VMS ============================= How to access Linux VM using Network? ====================================
Secure Shell (SSH) Tools
List of Free Tools for Tabbed Multiple Linux SSH / Putty sessions
How to Login to Linux Server using Putty?
How to Login to Linux Server using Putty?
Assignment#2 NAT vs Bridge Adapter vs Host Only Adapter Vs Not Attached ================================== WSL ========================================= Step 1 - Install WSL Step 2 - Go to Store and Install Ubuntu Step 3 - Go to start menu and click on Ubuntu and use it =================================================== How to connect LINUX? ======================================
How to login linux server using ssh?
What is Vagrant? ------------------- cmd line tool for what? Creating a VM Config a vm Sharing a Vms using commands line By Hashicorp Written in Go How to install it? Prered virtualbox
Vagrant Tutorial: Basic Workflow
Hashicorp Packer Tutorial: Creating Vagrant Box
OS image ------------------------------------ VirtualBox Vagrant ==================================== ISO Box
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