How to Fixed this Error :- ERROR: Failed to authenticate on SMTP Server with username “sdfsdfg1vgfgg” using 2 possible authenticators. Authenticator LOGIN returned expected response code 235 but got code “535”, with message “535” Authentication Credentials Invalid^M

I have an application that conveys messages. All was working great until I associated this email address to my Gmail account to have more straightforward admittance to it and to have the option to answer to clients.

Presently I’m getting a mistake on the site:

(1/1) Swift_TransportException
Neglected to confirm on SMTP server with username “” utilizing 2 potential authenticators.
I have attempted the accompanying to fix this issue:

I have checked the mail settings and they are all right.

Go .env file

Check HOST

I have also tried to put the MAIL_HOST in quotes.

I have SSHed in and tried clearing the cache:

php artisan config:cache
php artisan config:clear

Them Error is solved

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