How five UK CIOs are using DevOps

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CIOs and other leading tech and IT business leaders explain how they’re using DevOps to

The DevOps philosophy is gaining traction among CIOs as the evidence grows on the benefits of the strategic blending of “development” and “operations”.

We spoke to a selection of IT leaders about how they’re using DevOps to support faster and more responsive software development.

Transport Systems Catapult IT Director Alex Farr has formed a virtual DevOps team at the innovation centre for intelligent mobility.

The unit was established to remove the problems caused by developers residing in different business units by giving them two hours a week to use DevOps to create a central and secure repository of datasets that is accessible to all stakeholders.

“We have created a virtualDevOpss team within IT,” he told CIO UK. “Across the business we had a number of developers who resided in different business units. The issues I saw were duplication of code, a lack of standards when storing code, and how code was documented.

“I approached the business for additional funding to help each of these developers allocate two hours a week to devops. This helped us address the issues highlighted.”

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