How do you run enterprise DevOps?

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DevOps has escaped the rarified realm of unicorns and startups, as workhorse enterprises take up application delivery and support methodology. Every experience is unique, and yet everyone can learn from the successes and messes encountered during DevOps adoption at other companies.

How does enterprise DevOps work, and how have pros — including you — struggled? Join other DevOps engineers, IT managers and developers with SearchITOperations in an interactive Challenge Your Peers session at Delivery of Things World on October 26 in San Diego.

We’ll brainstorm how to support the business through better application architectures, platforms and technologies in the IT department. What should you invest in, and how do you prove the benefit of potentially substantial changes? We encourage different viewpoints, derived from your own experience and research. Come share your knowledge, debate constructively and learn from others going through the same reimagining into enterprise DevOps shops.

Check out the Delivery of Things World agenda for the complete list of Challenge Your Peers sessions as well as other opportunities to learn about DevOps cultural change and continuous integration and delivery.

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