How Cloud Computing is Driving Streaming Services


The meteoric rise of streaming services is undeniable. Today, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus command millions of subscribers. Other streaming services like Hulu Plus, HBO Max, and CBS All Access are also rolling out content. They’re able to have such massive libraries of content because they have all invested in cloud services. Cloud computing and streaming go hand in hand in this streaming revolution.

Video streaming is considered a very powerful tool. However, it requires a lot of technological advancements in hardware and software. Video streaming includes transmission of large amounts of data every second. It also requires that the data streaming be consistent and uninterrupted. Frustration of the viewer can result due to latency issues which results in buffering.

The cloud helps that to stop from happening. Cloud computing allows streaming services to improve their bandwidth and thus improve the streaming experience. It does this for every device and every network connection.

Streaming platforms require that they can upscale or downscale streaming quality depending on the internet connection or device. Without cloud computing that can’t happen. Streaming and cloud computing need to work hand in hand for the experience to be seamless. This is specifically important for streaming platforms like Netflix. For platforms like YouTube, this is not a major problem because it’s free. However, its own streaming service YouTube Premium is perhaps less prone to this problem.

High Potential for Data Storage
Alongside the streaming benefits that come with cloud computing, there are a lot of challenges. Cloud computing allows streaming platforms to leverage data which ensures the highest quality viewing experience for consumers. This is very important for livestreaming. With sporting services also coming in to streaming like ESPN, this will become more and more important. Hence, greater capacity for storage and for instantaneous data synching will become a greater need. This is where cloud computing will really bring an advantage for streaming.

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