Google showcases power of the cloud for Thai enterprises


Tim Synan, head of Google Cloud, Southeast Asia, said the event was aimed at bringing the power of Google Cloud to Thai businesses of all sizes and helping them provide specialised solutions through different platforms and devices.

The summit highlighted the urgency for businesses to take on new challenges and move towards the cloud. “Cloud computing technology is about speed, agility, collaboration, awareness and transparency, with machine learning underpinning everything,” Synan said. “We have big plans for the future in the region.”

An enterprise technology business must be expert in networks, mobility, security, data management and low-cost, high-performance reliability at a global scale.

Google helped pioneer most of these fields, and brings all of them to bear in Google Cloud, Synan said.

“Google Cloud meets businesses wherever they are on their cloud journey, not simply taking them to the cloud, but blending their technologies with ours, and putting our own teams in the middle of their challenges and greatest opportunities,” he said.

“Listening to top Thai businesses, such as Ananda, Omise, and SCB Abacus, talk about how they have embraced the cloud and how it has helped them scale was inspiring and a sign of the future of the ecosystem in Thailand.”

Yong Chern Chet, chief innovation officer of Ananda Development PLC, said that Google Cloud helps Ananda differentiate its service experience from its competitors.

“Like our house property transfer app that is powered by Google Vision and Speech to Text API, it enables us to simplify our business processes and let us focus on what really matters for our customers,” Yong said.

“Within three months, we were able to save 130 hours of inspection time that amounted to more than Bt4 million.

“More importantly we be able to capture the insights and convert them to valuable information to help us enhance customers’ experiences. We are currently evaluating many future projects to extend our partnership with Google Cloud.”

Ezra Don Harinsut, chief operating officer and co-founder of Omise, said the company was able to scale the Payment API platform to handle 100 million transactions per day.

“We operate the transactions at the highest security with 99.99 per cent acceptance from financial institutions, with a 30 per cent cost saving when compared with other cloud providers and our platform complies with PCI DSS 3.2.1,” Don said.

“Thank you Google Cloud for the great technology platform and partnership.”

Anyarat Boonnithivorakul, chief operating officer of SCB Abacus, said that the company, as a dedicated advanced analytics spin-off, focuses on building human-centred AI technology.

“The Google Cloud platform has crucially enabled us to strengthen our core competency by facilitating agile ways of work, and providing accessible data analytics tools,” Anyarat said.

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