Google offers development-environment-as-a-service with Cloud Shell Editor


Citing the need for rapid evaluation of new cloud technologies and the problems of reconfiguring development environments, Google has announced the Cloud Shell Editor, an in-browser test and development environment with command line access to a variety of cloud-native tools.

In a blog post, product manager Marcos Grappeggia said Google Cloud Platform developers spend more time than they expect during initial evaluations in set-up, finding libraries and dependencies, and switching between documentation, IDE and the Google Cloud Console.

“[M]aking these kinds of configuration changes to your daily development environment could impact your core work – something you probably want to avoid,” he said.

Cloud Shell comes as a VM and provides command-line access to cloud resources directly from the browser with no local configuration necessary. It combines a new version of the Cloud Shell Editor with the Eclipse Theia IDE platform, extending Cloud Shell with an online development environment that includes Cloud Code plugin support originally available for IntelliJ and VS Code.


Languages supported include Go, Java, .Net, Python and NodeJS, with features such as syntax highlighting, code suggestions, linting, code navigation, refactoring, testing and debugging support familiar to those using modern IDEs. There’s integrated Git source control and support for multiple projects via workspaces.

The Editor also has local emulators for Kubernetes and serverless, with container tools such as minikube, Skaffold, Buildpacks and Jib integrated along with an API explorer for continuous feedback.

“We want to make it easy for you to explore new cloud technologies, prototype applications or do short-term development tasks directly from your browser,” said Grappeggia.


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