Google launches new serverless database migration service


Recently google Announcement New serverless Database Migration Service (DMS) In preview. This service supports migrating self-hosted MySQL databases on-premises or in the cloud, as well as managed databases from other clouds to Cloud SQL for MySQL.

New serverless services for database migration are aimed at enterprises migrating to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) managed database services Cloud SQL Or Google computing engine Seamlessly. In addition, according to a post on the announcement blog, customers using this service will benefit from:

Migration using DMS keeps data replication from the source database to the destination without any manual steps, minimizing downtime.
DMS uses the database’s native replication capabilities to maximize fidelity and reliability for a reliable and complete migration.
It’s serverless and secure because you don’t have to provision or manage migration-specific resources or monitor them to keep everything running smoothly.

In addition to Google, Microsoft Azure and AWS also offer database migration services. Azure for customers Azure managed SQL instance service. This allows customers to move their on-premises applications to the cloud with minimal application and database changes. AWS DMS It enables migration from Oracle to Oracle and heterogeneous migration between different database platforms such as Oracle to Amazon RDS for Oracle, MySQL to Amazon Aurora, MySQL to Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

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