Google Cloud launches vaccine distribution management tools: 6 details


Google Cloud on Feb. 1 began offering healthcare organizations its new Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution, which is a digital toolset that delivers data insights on COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts.

Six details:

1. Google Cloud’s Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution helps regional and local governments manage COVID-19 public health strategies including vaccine scheduling, analytics and virus forecasting.

2. The first component of the toolset features COVID-19 forecasting delivered via a machine learning approach combining artificial intelligence and epidemiology insights. The tool creates prediction models that can be applied to decision making for COVID-19 response and other infectious disease policy interventions.

3. The new toolset also comprises a vaccine information portal, which lets people search for information related to the COVID-19 vaccine when registering for an appointment on participating public health departments’ websites.

4. To help with scheduling vaccine appointments, Google Cloud’s tool lets individuals interact with AI-powered virtual agents to help determine users’ eligibility, get registered and schedule appointments.

5. The new Google toolset also includes a user sentiment and feedback section, which lets individuals engage with government organizations about COVID-19 response and vaccination efforts.

6. Google Cloud said it has already deployed the Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution in numerous states; for example, North Carolina is using the tools across several agencies to help manage vaccine rollouts.

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