Google Cloud Furthers Digital Transformation of Tapestry’s Three Iconic Brands


Google Cloud announced a multi-year agreement with Tapestry, the parent company of Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman, to migrate its SAP S/4HANA environment to the cloud, modernizing its IT infrastructure and increasing overall operational efficiency. This partnership is a critical step to Tapestry’s broader acceleration program and furthers the company’s goal to drive growth and enhance profitability across its portfolio.

While Tapestry’s three brands operate and maintain a unique brand identity and culture, the company serves as an enabling platform that enhances opportunities for each of the three brands, working to gain benefits and efficiencies across each where appropriate. With support from Google Cloud Partner Lumen, Google Cloud and Tapestry collaborated to migrate Tapestry’s SAP software environment onto Google Cloud. Accomplishing this during a global pandemic meant adapting to rapidly shifting work environments, but the team completed the task in just three-and-a-half months, ensuring the organization was up-and-running ahead of the holiday shopping season.

“Google Cloud has been a great partner, providing the power and elasticity for SAP S/4 HANA that our organization needed in order to achieve our goals of leveraging data and leading with a digital-first mindset,” said Ashish Parmar, Chief Information Officer at Tapestry. “Google Cloud has been an accelerator for our new digital capabilities, and our migration – even during the restrictions of a global pandemic – highlighted the successful collaboration and teamwork amongst the organizations.”

With its SAP S/4HANA suite now on Google Cloud, Tapestry is able to increase operational efficiency, allow for flexibility within the platform, and enable future innovation. As Tapestry continues to accelerate its digital transformation, it has access to Google Cloud’s full spectrum of solutions, including Google Cloud’s Network Intelligence Center. Working to ensure uptime and consistent performance of systems is key for any retailer, especially during peak shopping events when the spikes in demand can be extraordinary. With Network Intelligence Center, Tapestry can now quickly resolve any connectivity issues, cut down troubleshooting time, and ultimately improve the online shopper experience.

As we conclude one of the most turbulent years in retail history, retail leaders across the industry are prioritizing and heavily investing in their IT systems to accelerate their digital transformations, unlocking growth and performance improvement opportunities, while quickly bringing new experiences to life,” said Carrie Tharp, VP of Retail & Consumer at Google Cloud. “By partnering with Google Cloud and Lumen, Tapestry now has the foundation to quickly understand the performance across each of its global brands through real-time insights—and take action to respond to a rapidly evolving environment. We’re excited to partner with iconic brands like those at Tapestry and help further their digital transformational journeys.”


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