Godaddy: This domain is currently migrating to Office 365

We’re moving you from Workspace to Microsoft 365 email on 02/08/2024.
Workspace is retiring. We’ll take care of transferring your old emails and contacts, with no downtime. We’ll make sure you and any end users you may have get clear instructions for any additional steps in the lead-up to the move.

If you normally sign in via a web browser, we’ll send you a link to your new sign in page.
For each of the following free accounts, you’ll get a 3 Month free trial** to test drive Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy without paying a thing:
You may have already set up Workspace Email users on Microsoft 365. In order to retain your data, we will be migrating your duplicate and/or inactive email accounts. You may see email accounts with the name “NETORG” in your Microsoft 365 product dashboard (e.g. Alternatively, you may see email accounts with the name “.archive” (e.g., in your Microsoft 365 product dashboard. These are duplicate accounts for reference. There’s no action required from you. For more details, read our help article.
If you use an email client like Outlook, Apple Mail or a phone app to access your email:
You’ll need to update some settings on the day of the move to keep using your email. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it, and it’ll only take a couple minutes.

We’ll send you a reminder before your migration on 02/08/2024.

If your migration date doesn’t work for you, you can reschedule.
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