Final post test – answer – oshien

  • What is SRE? – 3-4 Lines
    A – SRE are those who have major focus on monitoring the system stability,
    tracking the issue/bugs through various tools and fixing them.
    Creating new systems and automating the development procedures along with other teams.
    SRE mainly try to build a system with least downtime possible.
  • 5 Action items to perform to transform from Ops to SRE
    A – Work with development teams to build systems/processes
    Automate development process
    Drive SLO from the system observability
    Enhance monitoring to better maintain systems
    Establish processes that help in better incident management
  • Top 10 SRE tools to be implemented
    A – Datadog, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, ELK, Nginx, jira, AWS, Docker, jenkins
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