EPCOR Presents Their Customers a Robotic Virtual Table Inspection Experience


EPCOR BV, leading APU and Pneumatic components service provider, part of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), takes the next step in customer experience by adding a Robot to the workshop.

A global innovation hotspot for more proximity

Supported by the AFI KLM E&M’s innovation and development program – The MRO Lab – innovation is always at the heart of the continuous improvement of the Group’s processes to optimize costs, ergonomics and customer experience.

For a few weeks now, EPCOR’s customers have the possibility to have a look on the parts in repair in EPCOR’s facilities in Amsterdam, answering to the constraints of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis. The customers can schedule a Virtual Table Inspection (VTI) from anywhere in the world and ride through the shop as if they were there. During the VTI, the customer is accompanied by the engineering team resulting in a near live experience.

“With this robot, equipped with the latest video conferencing technology, we are able to welcome our customers again for a Table Inspection,” says Bernard Kuiken, Commercial Director at EPCOR.

“Innovation and Adaptiveness are parts of our DNA. As a front runner in the industry we are glad to offer this innovative solution to our customers,” Kuiken continues. “It was already in our development scope, but we accelerated its deployment due to the travel restrictions of COVID-19.”

Virtual Table Inspections with the robot gives a unique experience for EPCOR customers. It enables them to move freely around the shop, inspect the parts and talk about repair solutions with engineers. Moreover, it keeps all the people safe and it fits the sustainability ambitions of EPCOR.

The MRO Lab: Innovation and Technology

EPCORs Robot, named PYTHON (combination of two EPCOR Mechanics Piet and Ton, both frequent winners of the internal Innovation Award competition) is fitted with a superior 4k camera, surround speakers and microphones and even a Magnifying Glass for close up parts inspection. The robot, designed and produced in Silicon Valley CA., moves around with a maximum of 1 mph and is very easy to use from every possible device. Unlike normal video conferencing and a static position, customers, by one click, take the control of the robot and drive it inside the shop, meet with engineers, mechanics and even invite co-workers to join in from their (home) location.

Kuiken continues: “We received a lot of positive feedback on our robot solution and I expect that even in post COVID-19 time, the VTI will outperform the in person Table Inspections. Also Foreign authorities, visiting our facility for auditing and approvals are also welcome to use PYTHON to visit the shop.”

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