EMA Releases New Report on DevOps and Continuous Delivery Tooling

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Enterprise Management Associates (EMA™), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, has released a new research report titled “DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling: Launchpad for the Digital Enterprise,” based on criteria defined by Julie Craig, research director of application management at EMA.

This new research examines the current state of software delivery and related tooling in today’s companies and summarizes the results, tracing the DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices and tools most relevant to managing the delivery of business services in 2017.

“As the pace of business continues to accelerate, coordination across DevOps processes, practices, and tools becomes increasingly important,” said Craig. “This research provides valuable insights into the ways in which high performing IT organizations are accelerating delivery of key business services and, in doing so, impacting the business bottom line.”

Research on these topics is particularly critical at this point in time. EMA is actively tracking what has amounted to a revolution in business—and an accompanying revolution in software delivery—that has occurred over the past five years. Today’s rapidly changing and fast-moving business climate is the prime mover for a vastly changed IT landscape. IT has evolved from being a cost center to a cost generator, as software has become the core around which modern businesses operate.

Yesterday’s toolsets and support practices—in which tools relied heavily on human expertise and manual processes—are no longer viable. At the same time, designing, developing, deploying and supporting complex modern application environments requires collaborative decision-making supported by a new level of cross-functional skills, knowledge and judgment.

Surmounting these challenges to embrace the requirements of a new era requires changes to mindsets, skillsets and tooling. This new research encapsulates EMA’s latest take on how this can best be done.

Some key data points from this survey are:

  • It is becoming increasingly apparent that both DevOps and Continuous Delivery require an ability to share information across the staff, tools, and processes supporting diverse lifecycle stages and functions. Integrating and sharing metrics and data between diverse toolsets—via APIs, integration hubs, or both—should be central to making product selections.
  • Top focus areas for digital business initiatives include customer satisfaction (external customers), “using technology to match competitors’ digital presence,” and “faster time to innovation.” There were, however, significant differences in responses among small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses.
  • More than 90% of companies are utilizing DevOps teams/or processes, at least to some degree. However, these teams support production applications only about 30% of the time. Given the complexity of modern applications, an ongoing requirement for cross-functional skills supporting troubleshooting and root-cause determination of production problems is almost a certainty. Apparently, however, the focus is primarily on pre-deployment versus production in the majority of the companies, which likely means that much of the onus for supporting custom applications, in particular, falls on Development.

A detailed analysis of the research findings are available in the report, “DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling: Launchpad for the Digital Enterprise.”

A summary of the findings is available in the report, “Report Summary – DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling: Launchpad for the Digital Enterprise.”

Key highlights from the research are available in the on-demand webinar, “DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling: Launchpad for the Digital Business.”

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