DevOps is Now in the Driver’s Seat to Innovate and Win


NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud, announced updates to Trident, its automated provisioner solving the persistent storage challenge for containers, a new verified architecture for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on NetApp HCI, as well as enhanced flexibility for DevOps on both NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform and NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS.

The announcement follows NetApp’s recent acquisition of StackPointCloud, an advanced Kubernetes-as-a-service platform that directly supports the application orchestration capabilities across clouds. Following the acquisition, NetApp launched the NetApp Kubernetes Service, a Universal Control Plane for Managed Kubernetes, which dramatically simplifies the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster to the cloud.

NetApp also recently announced new Ansible modules for Element, which provide integration for NetApp HCI and SolidFire solutions; ONTAP, which provides integrated solutions for NetApp AFF and FAS systems; and SANtricity®, which provides integrated solutions for NetApp E-Series systems. This new capability enables customers to use familiar tools to define and deploy consistent infrastructure for development, test, and production.

In-house developer teams play an important role in the ability of a business to pursue new revenue streams, but the long-standing cultural divide between development and operations has traditionally inhibited collaboration and led to slow development cycles. By creating data services that help build trust between developers and operations, NetApp aims to provide the tools that, together with DevOps techniques and methods, enable companies to transform this paradigm.

“Delivering business value from data often depends on developers’ ability to rapidly innovate through methods like DevOps, but organizations often lack the infrastructure to support the flexible, collaborative approach required for a true DevOps culture,” said Brad Anderson, SVP and GM, Cloud Infrastructure at NetApp.

“NetApp provides data products and services that are purpose-built to help developers and operations better align, while also enabling the technology independence that developers need to keep creating and driving value and strategic advantage for the business,” he added.

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