Define Kubernetes in Rajiv Words !!!

what is Kubernetes:
Container Orchestrator Engine
Workload Placement
Infrastructure Abstraction
Desired State
Kubernetes is originally designed by google and later acquired by CNCF-2014 with open source.
Kubernetes called as k8s
Kubernetes is an orchestrator tool to manage container workloads usually hosted on multiple hosts. it can manage 1000s of container workloads

Why Kubernetes
Controlling resource consumption by application or team
Evenly spreading application load across a host infrastructure
Automatically load balancing requests across the different instances of an application
Moving an application instance from one host to another if there is a shortage of resources in a host, or if the host dies
Automatically leveraging additional resources made available when a new host is added to the cluster

How Kubernetes work

There are two aspects to Kubernetes: the worker nodes and the control plane. The worker nodes are where the actual containerized applications exist along with the necessary Kubernetes tooling

What is pods

Pods are the discrete unit of work on the node. Pods are the level of replication. They are an abstraction that wraps one or multiple containerized applications. Pods provide a way to logically group and isolate containers that run together, while still allowing inter-pod communication on the same machine. The relationship between containers and pods is controlled by Kubernetes deployment descriptors.