Q1. Title – List of 15 popular commands of docker

  1. Which Docker version
    $ docker –version
  2. Images – list of images on docker
    $ docker images
  3. Downloading image from repository
    $ docker pull httpd
  4. ‘ps -a’ – List all the docker containers running/exited/stopped with container details.
    $ docker ps -a
  5. exec – Access the docker container and run commands inside the container.
    $ docker exec -it
  6. Run – Run the docker image mentioned in the command.
    $ docker run -it -d httpd
  7. Removing container – Remove the docker container with container id mentioned in the command.
    $ docker rm containerID
  8. Remove image
    $ docker rmi imageID
  9. Stopping Docker – Docker stop command stops the container gracefully
    $ docker stop containerID
  10. Restart Docker
    $ docker restart containerID
  11. Kill – Stop the docker container immediately.
    $ docker kill containerID
  12. Checking history – history of a docker image with the image name mentioned in the command.
    $ docker history httpd
  13. Logs – Show the logs of the docker container with contained id mentioned in the command.
    $ docker logs containerID
  14. Installing plugin – Install a docker plugin $ docker plugin install pluginName
  1. Updating configuration – Update container configurations.
    $ docker update [options]

Q2. Title – How to configure SMTP server in Sonarqube?

In Sonarqube – go to Configuration >> General Settings >> Email.

Fill in the fields with your e-mail server configuration and then click on the Save Email Settings button

Q3. Title – List of most popular plugins of Jenkins from

  1. Mailer – This plugin allows you to configure email notifications for build results. This is a break-out of the original core based email component.
  2. Script Security – Allows Jenkins administrator to control what in-process scripts can be run by less-privileged users.
  3. JUnit – Allows JUnit format test results to be published.
  4. Pipeline: API – Plugin that defines Pipeline API.
  5. Git client: Utility plugin for Git support in Jenkins.