DAY-5 DevOps Assignment on Chef

1. What is Chef?

Progress Chef is a configuration management tool written in Ruby and Erlang. It uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language for writing system configuration “recipes”. Chef is used to streamline the task of configuring and maintaining a company’s servers, and can integrate with cloud-based platforms such as Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, OpenStack, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace to automatically provision and configure new machines. Chef contains solutions for both small and large scale systems.

2. 10 Advantage of Chef?

  • Accelerating Software Delivery.
  • Increasing Service Resiliency.
  • Improving Risk Management.
  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption.
  • Managing Both Data Center and Cloud Environments.
  • Delivering All Your Infrastructure – Any App, Everywhere, Continuously.
  • It create a domain-specific language
  • Chef is ideal for deploying and managing the cloud server, storage, and software.

3. How to install Chef Workstation?


rpm -ivh chef-workstation-22.5.923-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

4. One Example Program of Recipe?


file ‘/opt/first.txt’

file ‘/opt/first.txt’ do
action :delete

file ‘/opt/content.txt’ do
content “This is my first program of chef”
mode 755
owner “root”

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