Day 5 assignment(1)

1.what is chef?

Chef is an automation tool. It is a Configuration Management (CM) tool that lets you automate processes and tasks across numerous servers and other devices of an organization in simple steps. Such a framework is highly beneficial to a company. This automation tool eliminates the need to create complex and lengthy scripts of code, that can potentially wreak havoc in the long run. With a few clicks, you can deploy and manage software applications across all devices of your organization. 

2. 10 advantages of chef

  • Chef ensures consistency. All devices of your IT organization fluidly receive the same updates, software installations and deployments.
  • Chef can warrant that all your devices have unvarying states and ensure stability. 
  • Speed and accuracy are essential traits to have for a successful IT organization.
  • Chef enables you to deploy software and applications across your entire infrastructure using a few lines of code and some clicks on buttons.
  • Integrating your infrastructure on the cloud has a lot of implications for the company.

3. How to install chef workstation?

Installation of chef workstation


4.One example program of reciepe

file ‘/opt/first.txt’

file ‘/opt/first.txt’ do

action :delete


file ‘/opt/content.txt’ do

content “This is my first program of chef”

mode 755

owner root


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