Day 5-Assignment # 1 – Chef Intro

*What is Chef?

Chef is used to automating the process of infrastructure provisioning. The Chef tool helps in speeding up the deployment process and software delivery. Being a DevOps tool it helps in streamlining the configuration task and managing the company’s server. A chef is an open-source configuration management tool that uses Ruby to develop essential building blocks like recipes and cookbooks. It is an automation tool that converts infrastructure to code. It focuses on writing code instead of using the manual process.

the architecture of chef consists of workstation chef servers and nodes

-workstation makes the interaction with Chef-server possible and also with the Chef-nodes.Chef Server is the center of the workstation and the nodes. All the cookbooks, recipes, and metadata are stored here.Nodes refer to the machines that are managed or configured by the Chef Server, which may be virtual servers, network devices, or any other storage devices.

*10 Advantage of Chef?

-Chef applies a continuous delivery model to the software release cycle by automating its workflow.

-System administration tasks are saved as cookbooks and recipes

-there are reusable configuration steps toward a desired state.

-Chef has wide industry support across the cloud ecosystem

-chef works with just about every platform

-Chef as being heavily reliant on code, taking a programming approach to large-scale system administration.

-.its architecture is fully integrated with the Chef Server

-The speed of software development refers to how quickly the software is able to change in response to new requirements or conditions,this accerelates software delivery

-it lowers risk and improve compliance at all stages of development

-it helps in managing data center and cloud environment

*How to install Chef Workstation?

open the chef workstation website ,select the option in which we want to download the version for example centos,promoting a ui to get details which provides weblink

in command prompt give this command wget

-rpm -ivh chef-workstation-22.5.923-1.el7.x86_64.rpm this command to install chef workstation

-which chef ,helps to location of chef workstation

-one can follow the commands like chef version to find version of chef installed and create programs too

*One Example Program of Recipe?

-create a file file.rb

-add the line

file ‘/opt/first.txt’

file ‘/opt/first.txt’ do
action :delete

in the file to create a recipr program

-the other data can added which includes other details

file ‘/opt/content.txt’ do
content “This is my first program of chef”
mode 755
owner ‘root’

-run the command chef-apply file.rb

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