Day-1: Q2: What is the use of “docker wait” command wth example and image

docker wait will wait for the containers to stop and then print the exit code from the container

		Terminal 1
			- start a container in detahched interactive mode
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/tmp# docker run -dit --name anoop23 ubuntu

			- check the status of the  container in docker ps
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/tmp# docker ps | grep anoop
					bc168006cc6d   ubuntu           "bash"                   5 seconds ago        Up 4 seconds                                                                                                      anoop23
					5ee255607747   ubuntu           "bash"                   12 minutes ago       Up 12 minutes                                                                                                     anoop15
					cb496dbf16e4   ubuntu           "bash"                   18 minutes ago       Up 18 minutes                                                                                                     anoop14
					8151aa8d36ae   httpd            "httpd-foreground"       26 minutes ago       Up 26 minutes>80/tcp, :::8094->80/tcp                                                         anoop9
					07ee86b83765   httpd            "httpd-foreground"       36 minutes ago       Up 36 minutes>80/tcp, :::8093->80/tcp                                                         anoop8
					42803bd6b744   httpd            "httpd-foreground"       40 minutes ago       Up 40 minutes>80/tcp, :::87->80/tcp                                                             anoop2
					88ffad6fc636   httpd            "httpd-foreground"       42 minutes ago       Up 42 minutes       80/tcp                                                                                        anoop1
			- wait for the containet to stop
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/tmp# docker wait anoop23
		Terminal 2	
			- Stop the container
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/home/ubuntu# docker stop anoop23

		Terminal 1
			- confirmed that wait command returned exit code 0
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/tmp# docker wait anoop23

			- verified that container is stopped
				root@ip-172-31-28-155:/tmp# docker ps -a | grep anoop23
				bc168006cc6d   ubuntu           "bash"                   11 minutes ago   Exited (0) 10 minutes ago                                                                                                       anoop23