Continuous Testing with QuerySurge for DevOps

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Ongoing changes to data requirements, mappings, and environments necessitate unending updates to new and existing test queries and their source and target data connections.

Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a release candidate. Continuous testing in the data world means executing automated data tests that are triggered by another process and provide immediate feedback on business risks. Continuous testing cannot be implemented without test automation.

The QuerySurge for DevOps Solution
QuerySurge, the smart data testing solution that automates data validation & testing of critical data, is the first-of-its-kind full DevOps solution for continuous data testing.

With our new QuerySurge for DevOps release, users can now drive changes to their test components programmatically without having to manually access the QuerySurge user interface. Testers will now have the capability to dynamically generate, execute, and update tests and data stores utilizing API calls. QuerySurge for DevOps has 60+ API calls with almost 100 different properties and integrates with virtually all DevOps solutions in the marketplace. This will enable a higher percentage of automation in your current data testing practice and a more robust DevOps for Data, or DataOps pipeline.

API Features Include:

Create and modify source and target test queries
Create and modify connections to data stores
Create and modify the tests associated with an execution suite
Create and modify new staging tables from various data connections
Create custom flow controls based on run results
Integration with virtually all build solutions in the market

QuerySurge for DevOps integrates with:

Continuous integration/ETL solutions
Automated build/release/deployment solutions
Operations and DevOps monitoring solutions
Test management/issue tracking solutions
Scheduling and workload automation solutions
QuerySurge for DevOps Use Cases
Intelligent Test Execution

As changes are made to the data environment, custom code takes advantage of QuerySurge for DevOps to create on-demand tests to validate the specified changes, minimizing overall test case creation and execution.
Requirements Driven Updates

As a requirements management system receives approved updates, custom code takes advantage of QuerySurge for DevOps to have the effected tests automatically modified to reflect the requirement changes.
New Environment Deployments

As new environments are deployed in the DevOps pipeline, custom code takes advantage of QuerySurge for DevOps to create QuerySurge connections to the new environment and automatically setup test to execute against these environment.
Result Driven Testing

Control testing based on execution outcomes using QuerySurge for DevOps to auto-select the optimal test sets based on result criteria.
The use cases are endless as QuerySurge for DevOps provides the flexibility to integrate your testing process into your existing DevOps implementation.

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