Components of Kubernetes – Master

It stores the configuration information which can be used by each of the nodes in the cluster.

API Server
Kubernetes is an API server which provides all the operation on cluster using the API.

Controller Manager
This component is responsible for most of the collectors that regulates the state of cluster and performs a task.

This is one of the key components of Kubernetes master. It is a service in master responsible for distributing the workload.

Kubernetes – Node Components
Following are the key components of Node server which are necessary to communicate with Kubernetes master.

The first requirement of each node is Docker which helps in running the encapsulated application containers in a relatively isolated but lightweight operating environment.

Kubelet Service
This is a small service in each node responsible for relaying information to and from control plane service. It interacts with etcd store to read configuration details and wright values.

Kubernetes Proxy Service
This is a proxy service which runs on each node and helps in making services available to the external host. It helps in forwarding the request to correct containers and is capable of performing primitive load balancing.