Cloudbees partners with VMware and Atos to harness the power of DevOps automation
Cloudbees, VMware and Atos combine solutions to create an enterprise-robust managed service for software delivery

CloudBees has today announced a partnership with Atos and VMware that aims help customers adopt DevOps best practices at scale through Atos’ recently announced Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud (DHC), powered by VMware Tanzu and CloudBees cloud-native CI/CD enterprise solution.

The industry-first partnership aims to help customers gain greater business agility, scalability, and reduce their IT investments in building and automating software delivery pipelines. The end-to-end CI/CD automation platform will enable customers to integrate diverse software portfolios, from traditional applications to leading-edge applications relying on a microservice architecture.

“As forward-looking organisations continue to focus on digital transformation initiatives, they are increasingly seeking assistance from trusted service providers for the management of their DevOps operations,” said Francois Dechery, chief strategy officer, CloudBees. “This partnership represents a true industry first. By combining the power of a large managed service provider and a leading global cloud provider with our CI/CD solution, we’re helping customers to more effectively and efficiently modernise.”

“As a global leader in digital transformation, we’re delighted to continue to build on our partnerships with CloudBees and VMware, two acknowledged experts in their respective fields,” said Michael Kollar, senior vice president for cloud engineering, Atos. “Using our Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud, powered by CloudBees, organisations can harness the power of DevOps, to transform application development methods from a traditional approach to a model that leverages the efficiencies of the cloud and the convenience of a managed service.”

CloudBees, Atos and VMware offer a unique set of capabilities to organisations in their DevOps transformation journey:

  • CloudBees Core™ provides a shared, centrally-managed CI/CD service with self-service capabilities for engineering teams. CloudBees Core has cloud-native platform support for PKS.
  • Atos Application Transformation Services help teams modernise applications, as well as the way they are delivered and managed.
  • VMware Enterprise PKS is a turnkey solution that enables you to offer Kubernetes as a service with high availability, cluster scaling, health checks, self-healing and rolling upgrades.

“DevOps is an important new way to develop applications,” said Susan Nash, senior vice president, business development at VMware. “As it becomes more pervasive, many companies are struggling to try to adopt the DevOps culture, along with automating core software delivery processes. Atos is a digital transformation leader in cloud-based DevOps services, powered by CloudBees industry-leading DevOps solutions, all running on VMware’s Enterprise PKS. Working together, we are able to deliver a fully-managed software delivery solution that will enable companies to develop and deliver software faster, with less overhead and with far less friction.”

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