Cloud computing has been hugely beneficial to many companies across most industries. This technology has helped businesses reduce their cost, which helps contribute so much to their efforts in increasing efficiency.

Cloud technology allows users to access their data from any device within a network, and it has made a lot of functions very flexible. In fact, many workers can now work from home or virtually anywhere as a result. This makes employees happier and gives more flexibility to employers in hiring new workers.

Speaking of flexibility, the cloud technology also allows systems to be flexible enough to accommodate even non-linear changes in the organization’s demands and needs. This way, the hassles of migration to a much larger system is eliminated.

In 2019, there is still a lot of promise that is being realized in cloud computing. In this article, we present three of the most anticipated developments in this technology that should have everyone excited.

Backup and Data Recovery Solutions
Even with all of the necessary security features in place, your business can be vulnerable to a security breach. Whether it is a risk of losing all data due to a technical glitch, human error, or a malicious attack, a big chunk of the new developments in cloud technology is in backup and data recovery. They are already proving to be not only effective but also very easy to implement.

More Integration of Artificial Intelligence
When it comes to business processes, efficiency is always a big buzzword. An old process you have in place might be able to achieve your ultimate goal, but if it requires too much time and resources there is room for improvement.

Analyzing data is always an important part of any business venture. This is where the use of artificial intelligence becomes appreciated. It makes the whole process a lot more efficient by eliminating a lot of labor-intensive tasks such as copying and transferring of information. This automation affords data scientists and other members to focus on other more important tasks.

Because of all that, the use of artificial intelligence in cloud computing is expected to rise in 2019. In fact, a lot of AWS Podcast and other resources online already talk about how it can be better integrated with various business processes. It will be better for businesses and other interested parties to access them and start learning.

More Widespread Use of Data Containers
The use of data containers in application development became popular because it makes everything a lot more flexible. This is because it allows programs to run without issue on multiple devices. What the container does is isolate the configurations of that specific app so that it does not get contaminated or altered by the operating system of the device where it is currently running.

However, that container technology still has flaws, and they are expected to be addressed little by little in 2019. Success is anticipated, so the use of containers does not and will not show any sign of waning.

Being mindful of the current and upcoming trends in cloud computing allows stakeholders to prepare and put up measures to amplify benefits and mitigate the negative effects of those changes.

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