Cloud Computing Has A Promising Future Ahead. Here’s Why!

Real-Time Data Services (RTDS) is a group of companies thriving in the domain of global information technology by serving clients in the field of Cloud Computing and Communication.

Real-Time Data Services (RTDS) is a group of companies thriving in the domain of global information technology by serving clients in the field of Cloud Computing and Communication.

The company empowers businesses across the globe with technology solutions that take care of their various operations. The expertise in cloud computing & IT allows to deliver solutions that simplify the business and enhance their performance. They provide services like accounting and business applications on the cloud.

Talking to Express Computer’s Gairika Mitra, Vinay Chhabra, CEO, Real Time Data Service tell us how technology would be dominating the way forward, and how does cloud computing help.

How would you say that technology is in the frontline of all operations? Are businesses immune to this?

We are seeing technology adopting an ever-increasing role around us. Businesses are no exception to this and are, in fact, leading end consumers. We are seeing the telephony industry also getting disrupted significantly by the cloud and subscription-based service models. As businesses become more nimble and agile, we expect increased adoption of cloud telephony by businesses across different verticals. Industry analysts predict anywhere between 15% to 30% annual growth in the cloud telephony space over the course of the next five years.

Could you acquaint us with UCaaS and why would you essentially call it a disruptor in the tech space?

We have been within the cloud telephony space or technically called as UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) for almost a decade – hence we have a good understanding of the customer demands and intricacies of the business. We focus highly on customer-centricity. We offer complete customisation to accommodate any requirements from the customer while ensuring round the clock active support to them. What has helped us is, having invested in building our own platform from scratch which has aided in increased reliability and scalability for our customers.

How are you trying to inculcate technology so much so that it eases out the workload of your employees?

We cater to all kinds of businesses that may have any kind of communication-based needs. What we have understood is that workforce enablement has been a critical pillar of success for businesses. Through technology, we are trying to make it easier for employees within organizations to collaborate within functions such as sales; technology and operations. We are constantly trying to understand from our customers on how we can help them become more consumer-centric.

Could we safely deduce that technology is the panacea for all problems, and is the need of the hour?

In this current time, technology is oxygen for businesses to survive. Irrespective of the industry that you may be in, if you are not technology first, then it may be a disaster waiting to happen. Technology prowess is a strong differentiator in the current times, and the more invested you are in technology and especially deep technology, will hold you in good stead with your customers.

The only aspect to be careful about is the choice and degree of technology you want to invest in, which may be specific to the industry you are in. The golden mantra to understand is that technology is only an enabler and not an absolute solution. Decision of adoption of technology unsuitable to a business can have negative consequences for the business.

Industry leaders often state that cloud’s future is quite promising. Do we expect RTDS to hold the same thought, and lies ahead of RTDS?

We are in a growing industry, so we do expect ourselves also to ride the wave when it comes to the growth for the next few quarters. To build further on this, we are actually keen on to further catalyse this growth so that we beat the industry benchmarks. We have taken a few initiatives and investments to achieve these internal milestones that we have set.

For the long term, we would want to invest in our key organizational values of learning, unlearning, and relearning as we grow. Our industry is very dynamic and fairly prone to disruption considering its heavy leaning of technology. However, a strong organizational culture, is the key to success in navigating the water. In cloud-based technologies sky is the limit as you are not limited by geographies or national boundaries. In the world of technology, there is no dearth of opportunities or availability of capital. You could only be limited by lack of talent or management bandwidth.

Currently, the world is witnessing some tough times. Do you want to share some words of hope?

The most important advice, especially in the current tumultuous times for entrepreneurs, is to invest in a strong product-market fit for any business idea they have. Being customer-centric will definitely need to be the foundation of any new business. On top of that, investing in the right people, technology, and processes in that order is essential.

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