Cloud Architecture and Cloud Computing Trends in 2019


The tech game has changed! With the dawn of the internet, the advances in computing and software development anyone can access the world’s best technology while sitting at his/her kitchen table. Almost all enterprises, small or big – doesn’t matter, seems to have shifted their focus towards considering appropriate procedures to handle and manage such disruptive technologies within their existing environment. Cloud computing technology entirely relies on the virtualizations of hardware and software and its service-oriented architecture and several other value-added services.

Whether you wish to back up, store, recover data, develop new apps and services, hosting blogs and websites, deliver software on demand, streamline video and audio, analyze data for patterns and make predictions like never before, using some of the most primitive cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are worth considering. Further below I would like to shed some light on a few cloud trends that will have a profound impact in the upcoming years, even some of you cannot see them coming.

1 Combining 5G

By combining 5G cellular with cloud computing technologies, you can leverage more capacity and function to the Internet of Things (IoT) systems. How you may ask? 5G features a unique infrastructure that provides faster mobile service connections which eventually allows network customers to upload videos or streamline movies smoothly. However, this is just one positive aspect while other issues are related to financial, political, health and environmental issues.

Let me elaborate things for you. First of all, it is quite expensive for a network to transform into a 5G system. Secondly, several governments are in favour of eliminating regulations that favour net neutrality and promote competition. Third, a battle is about to take place between U.S and China stating which country will dominate use of 5G and bids are taking place. Last but certainly not the least, a rise in wireless radiation that would be released on a global scale can cause cancer in humans.

2 Quantum Computing    

After keeping a constant eye on biggest cloud service providers such as Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud, IBM, and Google cloud, it seems that 2019 will offer bigger, better and brighter prospects. Quantum computing is the new talk of the town that is expected to transform mathematical, material science and computer science theories into reality. With the help of quantum computing, we will soon be able to optimize complex systems by having human-like interactions and build better financial models.

3 Hybrid cloud solutions

Hybrid cloud will conquer the business world due to some of its obvious reasons such as freedom and strength. After combining private and public cloud, you can transfer data as well as applications back and forth without much hassle. Featuring more flexibility, tools, and deployment options, hybrid cloud ensures that the risk of transition and overall costs is reduced. For instance, if you wish to conduct projects like email advertising, the public cloud is the best option to consider while for more sensitive operations like creating financial reports- choose private cloud.

4 Deal with GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which is set to bring a massive overhaul in data protection laws for EU citizens. All companies selling to and storing personal information about citizens won’t have much control over data. And those who don’t comply with the rule might face tough penalties. Many organizations will be found rushing toward cloud computing without any serious consideration of its security implications.  Companies might face difficulties in 2019 when it comes to ensuring the data practices are fully complying with the GDPR requirements.

Several arrangements or built-in-controls can be implemented such as identity access management, network security groups, and gateway network firewalls with contemporary computational models such as containers and serverless computing.

5 Artificial Intelligence Platforms

One of the significant uses of Artificial Intelligence is to make the most of big data. Gathering business intelligence, providing a better understanding of the way business works are some of the most significant improvements offered by the tech. AI platforms are mainly designed to function more effectively and intelligently than more traditional frameworks.

What are these AI platforms capable of?

  • Supports faster, more efficient, effective way to collaborate with data scientists
  • Reduce cost in a variety of ways- duplication of effort, automate simple tasks and labour-expensive task
  • Support Data Governance, assuring best practices being leveraged by engineers

6 Enhanced Multi-cloud

Focus on multi-cloud is upcoming this year! A flexible looking model exclusively for those who are looking to change to a less traditional cloud model. But make sure that it incorporates a digital management platform which allows both administrators and end users to access your cloud services from one centralized location. In addition to this, it even streamlines the management of all cloud activities. Other than this, multi-cloud offers:

  • Protection from system failures and other disasters
  • Eliminates several concerns by allowing you to deploy different cloud services in many cloud environments at once
  • Creates a unique type of cloud network
  • Afford greater flexibility but at the cost of security


It is no longer surprising to see that many small to midsize business owners take pride in overseeing every aspect of their business. However, sometimes this can hamper productivity and business growth. As a result, cloud computing turns out to be a viable option.

The emergence of tech continues to accelerate in executives areas across all industries, and easy deployment, scalability, flexibility or cost savings are crucial benefits worth taking into account. Still, it is paramount for cloud infrastructures to be complemented with proper security and backup solutions to keep data safe.

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