Blockchain and DevOps: How they make a better pair


Blockchain is the technology that has taken the world over by storm and DevOps is the practice that’s becoming the norm in the software development industry. But what would the one have to offer to the other? In this article, Aditya S explains how blockchain and DevOps make an intriguing pair!

Blockchain works with blocks just like a spreadsheet in computer works with columns and rows.  A block which is there in the Blockchain helps in storing and collecting data. These blocks are connected in a chronological manner and thus creating a Blockchain.

It is efficiently a database that is validated by a wider community, not by any Central Institution’s authority. Blockchain, as its name means, simply relates to block of information in the form of a chain, sequenced properly.

The complete Blockchain is always retained on the large network of computers, which means that nobody has any control over history. This can be considered a very important component because it eventually certifies and authenticates everything that has already happened in the chain prior, and it also means that no one can just go back to make any sort of change. This gives Blockchain additional benefit to be more secure and safe and cannot be easily tempered.

This kind of protection is needed for a centralized database. It is an undeniably ingenious invention. Infrastructure cost is needed for development, but there is no transaction cost. It is a simple yet ingenious way of transferring information among or within a computer in a completely automatic and safe manner.

Advantages of blockchain

  • It is a new technology in the market that allows storage and conversion of the data via the Internet in a very secure way.
  • The transfer process is a lot transparent even though it does not have a central governing body.
  • It is like a platform that completes transactions at no cost.
  • Transactions happen without any third party involvement.
  • It has an infrastructure that gives a wide range of authentication and security with notification.
  • The entire product is a decentralized system which means no Central authority can take control of the system.
  • It is immutable which means data once recorded then it is not easy to alter that particular data.
  • Stores past and current data together and it is user empower which means you can see every data and control the transactions as well as the information.


DevOps which fully written as a development and operation is an enterprise software development phrase which is used at times to mean or depict a type of agile relationship between the development and Info-technology operations.

This has a lot of different meaning to a lot of different people. It can be considered as a child of agile of ware development. It was brought for the need to keep up with increased software development and technological advancement.

In Info-technology this mindset encourages communication, collaboration, integrations and automation among software developers and info-technology operations to improve the speed and quality of delivering software.

The idea of this method developers with more power and liberty of the production environment and a lot of better understanding of the production infrastructure. It also encourages new upcoming talented teams with the liberty and opportunities to build, validate, deliver, present and support their app.

It follows the method of wasting nothing. It is like an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between the teams discussed above and others around them or presents there.

DevOps describes the acceptance of autonomy and programmable software development and invention infrastructure development and maintenance of it as well. The blending of terms is so beautifully presented.

Advantages of DevOps

  • It follows the practice of continuous delivery.
  • As it is improving on a regular basis, there are way less complex problems to fix.
  • The operating environment is more stable. The continuous delivery process gives stability and reduces the chances of potential problems.
  • DevOps is an element of very successful digital transformation for every industry to digitally transform.
  • The customer experience capabilities get improved to a large extent.
  • Team morale, in general, is found to experiment a boast from implementing DevOps.
  • It benefits the business and also allows more time for innovation.
  • The problem-solving abilities are a way faster for DevOps.
  • DevOps eliminate much of the manual orchestration required to implement new features.

    How both make a better pair?

    Blockchain is one of today’s latest technologies, and at the same time, DevOps is also growing and gaining wide acceptance. These two products or process already offers so many advantages alone.  Just imagine their combination will bring what!

    Together they can provide tactical and strategic planned advantages. The main response can center on the fact that on making software delivery chains, which is DevOps, a more transparent and reliable method which is Blockchain technology.

    What if the data required for being delivered via DevOps method can be recorded on a Blockchain in a decentralized manner. This would make the process easier, transparent for both and would eventually improve the quality.

    DevOps consultants argue that the development operation approach helps companies implement Blockchain less painfully and more effectively. Software delivery with data storage can also be a bit of cost ineffective. As Blockchain is cost-effective, it can reduce the cost.

    DevOps is necessary to practically make and manage numerous stakeholders in Blockchain vicinity, which by its very nature, needs that many members to co-operate throughout and across different organizations.

    In short Blockchain and DevOps are best suited for each other in a comprehensive and descriptive business strategy.


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