Assignment for docker day 2

Create one Image which have base as centos and with git – ntp – httpd.

docker run -itd centos
docker attach b3081c1e40659fc9f6c02b4897a254d34f2251372750fe81a9ba38a999836db2
yum install git
yum install ntp
yum install httpd
docker commit -a"Abhijith" -m"Added new packages" b3081c1e40659fc9f6c02b4897a254d34f2251372750fe81a9ba38a999836db2 abhi_centos
docker history centos
docker history abhi_centos
docker run -itd abhi_centos
docker exec e0611a5bb5461c5ee077fa254840c3fac1de8c88b67846ecebeaf08fea0020ec git