*What is DevOps?

devops is a culture which helps to change in mindset of members from different teams like development, operations team and testing working for same project .devops helps in delivering frequently the changes we made or progress we did in the project, this improves the quality and stability of project with frequent delivery along with cost reduction with improves performance of software with continuous verification in the software

*10 Advantange of the DevOps

1.increased production speed

2.improves performance and stability of project

3.eliminates waste like knowledge waste,processing waste,waiting waste,inventory waste

4,helps in self assesment and upgrading in technologies

5.innovation and continuous delivery,cost reduction in runtime

6.collaboration among teams

7.few errors which improves reliability

8.increased production speed

9.lower risk due to less release cycle time ,trying to correct bugs and errors

10.better user experience and reduced outages

*Top 10 Tools used in DevOps?

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devops tools are slack,jenkins-enkins automates the complete build cycle of a software project

->docker- Docker allows secure packaging, deploying and running of applications irrespective of the running environment

->phantom-Using the phantom tool, you can collaborate in a centralized environment on an incident and be aware of the rising security threats at the same time

->nagios, ->vagrant, ->ansible

->github- can make rapid iterations to the code, the notification of which is sent instantaneously to other team members. In case of any error or fallout, immediate rollbacks can be done to the previous version within seconds, ->sentry

-> bitbucket-it is also a tool , helps in managing project code throughout the software development cycle

*How to implement DevOps?

implementation of devops includes code,build,continuous integration,continuous test,continuous deployment and continuous release , continuous monitoring

in implementating devops, organisation need to create a team which include members from development team, operations team along with testing team for continuous verification and for information exchange

code and build together it forms agile development in which necessary module or functions are added which are required for the software

continuous integration involves coding ,build, integrating and testing .integrating and testing involves combining the various modules at baseline and verifying their features and working at various levels and various inputs

continuous delivery ,it delivers the software in the market with newly made changes.continuous deployment is verifying changes from one environment testing to another one. continuous monitoring involves the observing the working of software while using are using the software

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