Assignment 2 by JVarshita

Q1 – Docker is a software for running, building and managing containers and images on the servers or IP Addresses.

It can be also considered as an build or deployment tool. Docker files usually run in coordination with linux servers. It runs and deploys with the help of containers around.

It usually delivers the packages using containers to the required client and it delivers the packages to the cloud without any dependencies around.

As you can see here, Docker is acting as the connecter between various teams making the complexity easier.

Q2 – Containers are used to deliver packages to the cloud. It deploys its dependencies so that application runs quickly and reliably.

Containers acts as three different way – Engine, building and managing. Containers acts as builder as it has tools to build the container for specific task. Engine is used to run the container altogether and managing the containers too. Containers are used for both application deployment, and configuration.

It is used ultimately after running the docker file.

Q3 – 1. Docker lets us run the microservices that creates applications using containers.

2. Docker is considered to be faster as it takes few seconds to set the container image.

3. It has a ability, that we can run or use it anywhere, where internet is provided.

4. Changes can be made to necessary documents in docker increasing its flexibility.

5. It has more agility as it can bring out latest versions to the users in a faster pace.

Q4 – docker info – which gives the info about the status.

clear – clears out the cmd

docker pull httpd – for new image

docker ps -a – information about the size and the number of the image

docker excs = executable inside a container

docker inspect – for ip address validation

ping – to know the ip address the server is working on

docker exec -it = for running exec inside the container

run = for running the docker by creating and starting

jwd – for java address in jenkins

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