Announcing Konvoy – Enterprise Grade Kubernetes
As organizations turn more and more to the cloud native universe for innovative open-source technologies, most organizations will widely adopt Kubernetes for their container orchestration and application needs. The use of Kubernetes delivers great promise in the automation of deployment tasks, scaling of application resources and the operation of containers across a wide expanse of cloud and on-premises resources. Most importantly it can deliver distributed computing power that has traditionally been out of reach of most mainstream organizations.

Organizations looking to leverage Kubernetes are faced with a myriad of choices from the cloud-native landscape. To begin with, difficult decisions must be made in the selection of the base Kubernetes distribution to be used, but even more difficult is figuring out the supporting services for production-ready operations.

Most enterprise-class organizations have operational requirements for capabilities such as monitoring, logging, load-balancing, DNS and networking among other things. However the cloud-native landscape moves fast and is littered with technological choices in areas such as these, making it difficult to enable decision-making which protects the organization’s long-term investment in these areas.

Making things even more challenging, most organizations simply do not have the resources to make proper decisions and then spend months of intense manual effort to integrate a series of operational services around their Kubernetes distribution. This level of complexity winds up defeating the purpose of the speed and operational efficiencies promised by the cloud native universe.

Finally as the organization drives toward Day 2 operations, most will not do so without the confidence that their support needs can be met when things break, updates are needed, or questions need to be answered. Thus while the initial decision to leverage Kubernetes may seem like a simple one, the follow-up complexities quickly mount and require an effort that few organizations are fully prepared to undertake alone.

The Enterprise-Grade Experience

Developed to address the exploding demand for Kubernetes, D2iQ’s Konvoy is a unique Kubernetes distribution designed to enable companies to leverage Kubernetes for an easy, enterprise-grade experience.

While there are many Kubernetes distributions in the industry, simply installing Kubernetes is not enough. Organizations require a broader set of services for their production operations such as monitoring, logging, traffic ingress and disaster recovery.

In addition to providing a simplified install of Kubernetes, D2iQ’s product and engineering teams did the difficult work for you by providing an opinionated set of supporting services from the vast cloud-native landscape and integrating them for an out-of-the-box, production-ready experience. The result is a significant reduction in the effort involved in standing up a production-ready Kubernetes environment and an accelerated time-to-market for your application development needs.

Most importantly, D2iQ provides a full complement of training, professional services and support options to ensure you have end-to-end support for your full stack of application services. This eliminates the pain and substantial cost of managing vendor support relationships with a networking provider, a monitoring provider, a storage provider, etc. and ultimately ensures an enterprise-class Kubernetes experience because the organization’s critical applications depend on it.

To learn more about how enterprise-grade Kubernetes can help you organization.

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