Accelerate Azure Kubernetes Services Deployment with BreakFree RapidDeploy for AKS


ROSEMONT, Ill., June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BreakFree Solutions, provider of practical cloud, DevOps and automation professional services to enterprise IT, has announced the launch of a new service offering, BreakFree RapidDeploy for AKS, that deploys, operationalizes, and onboards development teams onto the Azure Kubernetes Services development platform in weeks.

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is a secure and fully managed Kubernetes service from Microsoft Azure that makes deploying and managing container applications easy. Containers are essential for enterprises looking for native, mature automation and DevOps capabilities.

The effort to operationalize AKS must not be underestimated and requires broad expertise. BreakFree RapidDeploy for AKS helps organizations understand and implement a comprehensive development platform with AKS at its center. It can be especially complex if you don’t have the correct foundational components or your IT team doesn’t have a DevOps-based approach in place.

“The real value of the AKS platform is in the transition of developers and the associated application architectures to build cloud-native workloads,” said BreakFree Solutions chief technology officer, Bradley Clerkin. “The longer you spend trying to operationalize the AKS development platform, you delay the ability to actually develop effectively on cloud.”

BreakFree RapidDeploy for AKS compresses the timeframe for getting AKS operational to ensure you quickly realize its benefits without sacrificing safety, security, and operational ability. This allows enterprises to focus on truly taking advantage of AKS and affords IT teams the opportunity to learn during deployment by pairing and knowledge sharing with BreakFree’s AKS subject matter experts.

For deploying Azure Kubernetes Services quickly, BreakFree RapidDeploy for AKS utilizes automation, reference architectures, standard operating procedures, structured workshops, and an Agile scrum approach, which ensures collaboration, transparency, knowledge transfer, and reduces time to value. The result is a fully operationalized Azure Kubernetes Services development platform in only 10 weeks.

“The effort associated with a full AKS deployment may be complicated depending on your IT group’s current state and skills,” said BreakFree Solutions senior vice president, Mitch Northcutt. “But the value and the benefits of containers and establishing an AKS development platform will certainly justify these efforts for enterprises looking to modernize software development.”

About BreakFree Solutions

BreakFree helps our customers accelerate IT innovation and add value to the business by changing the trajectory of IT investments. BreakFree Solutions provides enterprise IT with practical cloud, DevOps and automation professional services. BreakFree’s services are based on clearly defined positions on the future of IT operations shaped by decades of real-world experience. BreakFree is a diverse team of IT experts with skills in cloud native design, cloud architecture, infrastructure automation, software development, continuous deployment, security, DevOps and Agile delivery. BreakFree’s Agile Delivery Framework separates them from the professional services pack.

BreakFree Solutions is a division of Fifth Third bank, serving the Commercial sector with focused technology and finance solutions. BreakFree and Fifth Third share Midwest roots and a proud commitment that puts customers at the center of everything we do. Fifth Third Bancorp is a diversified financial services company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the indirect parent company of Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio-chartered bank. Fifth Third’s common stock is traded on the Nasdaq® Global Select Market under the symbol “FITB.”  Fifth Third Bank was established in 1858. Deposit and Credit products are offered by Fifth Third Bank. Member FDIC.

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