A Practical Guide to DevOps: It’s Not that Scary

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If you haven’t heard the term DevOps by now, you might have landed on the wrong page. If you know what it is and are intimidated by it, read on.

DevOps, in its simplest definition, is a process. Developers and operations (thus DevOps) teams in the past worked in silos. By choosing a DevOps path or process, you enable collaboration and direct communications between those teams, which will likely speed up delivery and accuracy of projects. But it’s even more encompassing than that. One of our regular contributors, Bill Kleyman, points out that DevOps is NOT just for developers. Further, he states that it’s really a “cultural shift in how processes, code and technology are delivered.”

The InformationWeek editorial team has written and posted dozens of articles on DevOps (sometimes called Agile Operations) over the past few years. We’ve curated our best articles and divided the coverage up by challenges DevOps presents, mistakes people have made that you can learn from, best practices and benefits, job opportunities within this space, and DevOps vendors and tools.

Check out these articles and the hundreds of other informative content pieces — about IT management, careers, analytics, DevOps, cloud, and more.

DevOps Challenges:

8 Challenges DevOps Faces Today

While DevOps adoption is growing, teams are experiencing their share of cultural issues. On the plus side, teams also say that DevOps has a positive impact on their speed to market, productivity, customer relevance, innovation and more.

The Challenges and Rewards of Adopting DevOps

As the world moves towards cloud and services, DevOps adoption is increasing. This is because organizations that utilize cloud services are more likely to have dynamic architectures that can accommodate continuous delivery, and so lend themselves to more iterative deployments.

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The State of Cybersecurity: Defeating Cybercrime with Better Security Strategies
The motivation behind cyberattacks is becoming more varied, with disinformation and disruption joining the regulars: data theft, extortion, and vandalism.

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DevOps: Big Effort, Big Benefits

While you might think that integrating dev and ops would be straightforward, implementing DevOps involves spanning different silos, culture, philosophies, mindsets, and tool sets. But if you can overcome these natural barriers, the rewards are great.

Six DevOps Misconceptions Debunked

While DevOps is firmly grounded, numerous myths and misconceptions have grown up around the concept, several of which have prevented organizations from getting the most out of their teams.

The State of Devops

This special report by Informa’s InformationWeek and Interop teams takes a look at where organizations are making progress with DevOps and where they face challenges.

Think You’re Ready for DevOps? Learn from These mistakes:


If you’re going to fail, the thinking goes, make sure you fail fast, learn from it and leverage the newly gained insights in improving the process and product.

Getting DevOps Wrong: Top 5 Mistakes Organizations Make

Time spent working on DevOps projects has opened a window into some common mistakes that organizations make when trying to deliver a true DevOps initiative.

DevOps: Risk Management Perspective

As a concept, DevOps is designed to help with risk management, but when you’re launching a DevOps initiative, risk management techniques come in handy.

4 Reasons Why Your Company Might Not Be Ready for DevOps

There are some criteria that any IT team should investigate before making the transformational shift to CI/CD. It involves taking a hard look at the existing culture, process, and even management style.

DevOps readiness: From a Business and Executive Perspective

Some of the roadblocks to a successful DevOps initiative have nothing to do with technology or the IT group. Business unit leaders and executives must get involved in the initiative as well.

DevOps Best Practices:

DevOps 101: Adopt Continuous Innovation

DevOps requires some hard work and tough choices, but in the end can keep a business competitive and innovative.

How to Transition to DevOps in Less Than 30 Days

It doesn’t take long to lay the foundation for an agile enterprise. Get the initiative going and sort out the bumps along the way.

DevOps at Scale: Best Practices in Use Today

IT professionals in the field discuss some of the best practices that help to make DevOps initiatives successful.

Five-Step Action Plan for DevOps at Scale

DevOps is achievable at enterprise scale if you start small, create a dedicated team and effectively use technology patterns and platforms.

DevOps Experts Share Advice on Measuring Success

Knowing what to measure and how to measure is half the battle, but what’s possibly more important is knowing who needs to raise their hand to keep the DevOps team on track.

How to Drill DevOps into Your Organizational Culture

DevOps strategies not only support technological advancements that benefit the consumer, but set benchmarks for entire industries.

Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud?

Why not leverage platforms and tools that not only save you money but improve your go-to-market capabilities? This is where cloud comes in.

How to Make the Leap to DevOps

While it’s easy to make the business case for DevOps, executing it may be the trickiest leadership task you’ll ever face. Here are three steps that can help.

DevOps: Skills and Job Opportunities

Q&A: DevOps Institute’s Jayne Groll on the Future

Where do enterprises find DevOps talent? Through hiring or reskilling/training existing IT staff?

Must Have DevOps Skills

Engineers, developers, and IT managers might want to consider training on these skill sets to keep themselves invaluable to their organizations.

Myth or Matter: Is There a DevOps Talent Shortage?

Enterprises that hold out to hire DevOps unicorns may be overlooking worthwhile workers who are already available.

DevOps Hiring: Look for the Right Mindset

Managers hiring DevOps talent are shifting their focus from demanding specific technical skills to specific tools to how a candidate thinks and works.

Modern Developers Don’t Sit Behind Walls

Nurture your developers: They need to be empowered to work seamlessly across environments, which requires removing platforms from silos and shifting to a modern hybrid IT architecture.

DevOps: Vendors and Tools

DevOps Vendors at the Forefront in 2019

As DevOps becomes a widespread enterprise trend, vendors are expanding and improving tools to incorporate DevSecOps and further address cloud and open source needs.

9 Tools You Need for DevOps

If you’re going to be successful with DevOps, you probably also need to invest in some new software.

DevOps Tool Proliferation

Tool proliferation remains one of the challenging double-edged swords facing DevOps-minded teams.

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