A Certifiable Reason to Attend Training at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

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There are many factors that make DevOps World | Jenkins World the essential DevOps event to attend each year. Whether it is the keynotes and speaker sessions from industry-leading DevOps experts, the expo where you can check out the latest and greatest from our friends in the software industry or the themed after-party, there are many reasons why year over year the conference grows. An added benefit that contributes to DevOps World | Jenkins World being the DevOps event of the year is the wealth of informative preconference training and certification. Think of them as the workout before the big game, providing you the tools and knowledge to make the most of the conference and beyond.

The growth of attendance and variety of attendees of the DevOps World | Jenkins World conference is one of the indicators that the industry is constantly innovating and evolving. Last year, Forrester declared 2018 as the “Year of DevOps,” with 50 percent of survey respondents reporting they had already implemented DevOps with plans to expand. For DevOps practitioners to keep up with the continuous pace of modern software development, there also has to be continuous learning. Training and certification at DevOps World | Jenkins World will cover relevant topics in software development, such as authorization and security, build management, instance administration and interfacing with cloud services, in addition to Jenkins and CloudBees Core fundamentals.

Not only are all training sessions available to add on to your full conference sessions pass, but you also can receive a free Jenkins certification exam voucher—a $150 value—for the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) and Certified CloudBees Jenkins Platform Engineer (CCJPE) exams. You can choose to sign up for an onsite exam at DevOps World | Jenkins World (first-come, first-serve) or use it at a later date. There are also several half-, one- and two-day courses that can be added during the event registration process.

In addition to our recommendations below, check out the Training and Certification page to see what courses can help strengthen your software delivery pipeline skills.

DevOps Leader Certification Training

Successful implementation of DevOps requires leadership. Whether you are in a  tactical or strategic role, if you help design, influence, implement or motivate the cultural transformation in DevOps adoption, this course will take your DevOps leadership to the next level.

Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

If you’re looking to better understand DevOps, you are in the right place! Join Mike Orzen, a recognized and prominent Lean thought leader and author, to learn the ins and outs of DevOps value stream mapping, helping you identify inefficiencies in your current process, and optimize it to deliver more value to your customers.

Jenkins Fundamentals

It wouldn’t be Jenkins World without Jenkins! To prepare yourself for both the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) or Certified CloudBees Jenkins Platform Engineer (CCJPE) certifications, Jenkins Fundamentals introduces you to the best practices for leveraging Jenkins to drive your continuous development life cycle with Jenkins.

CloudBees Core Fundamentals

As the foundation of CloudBees, once you’ve mastered Jenkins Fundamentals, CloudBees Core Fundamentals is the obvious next step. In this training, attendees will gain the skills needed to leverage the CloudBees Core product suite to successfully scale CD and DevOps in their organizations. The training includes an overview of the key proprietary features provided with CloudBees Core to enhance the capabilities of Jenkins.

CloudBees Core on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is seeing widespread adoption as the operating system for cloud native applications and the industry’s go-to container orchestration system. This course will provide attendees with the tools needs to run CloudBees Core on Kubernetes, and leverage public and private clouds to establish an elastic, scalable CD and DevOps platform. The course includes hands-on installation of CloudBees Core on Kubernetes. 

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